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电解铝钢爪 Steel claws, steel yokes for aluminum electrolyzer - electrolysis claw, electrolysis yoke


Aluminum electrolyzer is the main equipment of Cryolite- Aluminum Oxide mix in the fused salt solution in order to electrolysis the fine aluminum to get the aluminum ingot. Electrolytic aluminum anode steel claw/yoke is also called electrolysis claw/yoke. There are several types of claws, such as parallel three claws, four claws, stereoscopic four claws, six claws, eight claws, double anode steel claw etc. The steel claw is connected to the copper bar to consist of Anode. Material for the claw/yoke is an approved low carbon steel, which is similar the following standards: AS 2074-2003 Grade C2 AISI 1010, 1008 or 1006