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What we offer...

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We are proud to offer competitive prices, ISO 9001:2015 consistent quality, on time delivery and award winning customer service. We also offer free hinge engineering and free samples to prove form, fit and function for any new projects your engineering group might require.


Benefits of Working with S & S Hinge Company

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Why S & S Hinge should be your number one choice for all your continuous hinge requirements: •“State-of-the-Art” high speed, fully automated progressive strip-stamping work cells. •Complete “Value-Added” capabilities including degreasing, hole punching, leaf forming and swaging, Pem nut installation, ID numbering, etc. •ERP Information Technology system managing the manufacturing “Value-Stream”. •Full Service customer account management – inventory management, lead-time control, Lean business systems, free engineering and free new part design. •Customer benefits – product reliability, reliable delivery, competitive prices, customer “Needs-Based” perspective.


Standard Continuous Hinges

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•Our standard continuous hinges are assembled with pins and leaves of the same metal, leaves of equal widths laying flat in the same plane in an open position and having 270 degrees of travel. •Our steel, stainless, and aluminum hinges are standard without holes. Attach them to your applications with spot welding, tack welding or drilling holes at assembly. •Our brite-annealed, brass pre-plate and nickel pre-plate hinges are standard with holes punched and countersunk on two inch centers.


Downloadable CAD files available!

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Downloadable CAD files can save time and help engineers in the design process. For this reason, we now offer free CAD 2D and CAD 3D Model files for most of our hinge profiles. All files are for our 8' long hinges. You can trim the models to length using your favorite 3D modeling software. We hope that this will help you when designing hinge for a new project, or any redesign you might need to make on an existing MTO hinge Remember – we can build customer-specific tooling and provide signature services including free parts design / development and free prototypes!


Best in Customer Service - Made in the USA!

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These have been unprecedented times – supply chain issues, labor shortages, and the pandemic. However, here at the S & S Hinge Company we have remained focused on providing the Customer Service that we are known throughout the industry for. Made in the USA we pride ourselves in keeping our customers informed regarding material availability and lead times so that they can adjust their ordering schedules accordingly (should the need arise.) Require a made to order hinge? Our expertise as a third generation Lean manufacturer provides us with the knowledge to make sure your hinge is customized to meet your specific needs. We also provide signature services including free parts design and development, and free prototype samples. For more information on ordering custom continuous hinges, click here. Require a stock hinge? We carry a large inventory of stock hinges – just give us a call at 800-332-1227. Whatever your continuous hinge requirements are – we are here to help! Made


Materials we use in manufacturing hinges

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Which materials does S&S use in its manufacturing process? S&S manufactures stock hinges in the following metals and gauge ranges: • Steel and stainless steel in .035 through .070 gauges • Aluminum in .040 through .060 gauges • Brite-annealed stainless steel and Pre-plated brass & nickel in .040. S&S manufactures aluminum in .070 and pre-anodized aluminum in .040 when weight minimums are met.


Holiday Hours

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S & S Hinge Company Holiday Schedule •We will be closed on Friday, December 24th & Monday, December 27th. (Returning to work on Tuesday, December 28th. Limited staff available.) •We will be closed on Thursday, December 30th and Friday, December 31st. (Returning to work on Monday, January 3rd, 2022.) Everyone at the S & S Hinge Company would like to wish you and your family the Happiest of Holidays, and a healthy and prosperous New Year!


Benefits of working with the S & S Hinge Team!

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•Full Service Customer Account Management Award Winning Customer Service Team Inventory Management Lead Time Control Lean Business Systems Free Engineering and Free New Part Design Attention to Detail •Product Reliability Reliable Delivery Competitive Prices Customer “Needs-Based” Perspective We look forward to hearing from you! Visit our website at www.SandSHinge.com


Why use a continuous hinge?

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Why use a continuous hinge? Continuous hinges are: •Strong due to many load-bearing points (equal to number of knuckles): •Uniform strength throughout their entire length. •Supports full length of application increasing product rigidity. •Easier and more precise to align than two or more butt hinges. •Smooth in pivotal action, providing optimal axial rotation. •Attractive and uniform in appearance. •Low-cost and economical. •Long-lasting through many swing cycles. •Versatile: •Many applications. •Many variations in length, width, finish, Value-Added secondary fabrications. •Easy to customize to suit individual applications.


Custom Continuous Hinges

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Our Customer Service Reps will make sure your hinge is customized to meet your specific needs, at the highest quality, and with superb customer service. We can build customer-specific tooling and provide signature services including free parts design and development, free prototype samples and free inventory management for custom continuous hinge orders.