High Precsion CNC Turned Parts

China CNC Turned Parts factory custom high precision turned & milled parts


China Supplier Custom High Precision CNC Turned Parts Ming Xiao Manufacturing Co., Ltd engaged in Turning Parts manufacturing more than 20 years, we have old lathe turning machines, automatic turning machines, and numerical control turning machines, we can optimize the turning processes to make the machining cost to be lowest, accurate tolerance dimensions we use Numerical control machine, and low tolerance requested dimensions we use old lathe machine to produce, and small turned parts we use automatic lathe machine to produce. We have several high precision CNC lathes imported from Japan, equipped with automatic feeding system, which can produce high quality precision machining parts.We also have high precision CNC machine tools for turning and milling, which can produce precision machine parts with high concentricity and high finish.

  • CNC turning
  • precision machining
  • CNC turned parts
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