EVI Commercial Water Source Heat Pump 80KW - EVI Commercial Water Source Aircal Heat Pump 80KW For Swimming Pool



Aircal King Heat Series heat pump is high COP DC Inverter (variable-speed) heat pump for heating and cooling. This series of heat pump can adjust the output capacity automatically and control the room temperature accurately. The intelligent App control system provide convenient for everyone in the family to control. Due to the monobloc design, the heat pump are cost effective, space saving and quiet to run outside. It is high efficiency and providing wonderful performance and reliability. The R32 refrigerant multifunctional DC inverter heat pumps ambient temperature can be down to -15℃. COP 30% higher than normal heat pump. New R290 gas heat pump is also available. Features: Full DC inverter Technology. High efficiency class A+++ Smart 5 inch Control Panel with Wifi Mobile app Highly efficient Environmental friendly R32, R290 gas available