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Cast Iron T-slot Plates - design according to DIN Standard, main material is gray cast iron GG25


Jinggong Cast Iron T-slotted Plate is made from high-strength grey cast iron. These plates offer flexible universal clamping possibilities for all types of work pieces. Specially configured to suit customer requirements. The design, dimensions, and loading capacity of the plate can be tailored to suit the size and weight of the work pieces to be clamped. The number and shape of the ribs can be adjusted to suit the specified loading requirements. The size of the T-slots in the plates is determined by the customer’s requirements in strength, tensile and compression. Standard sizes: No.Sizes (mm)Surface accuracy (according to DIN876) 12000*2000*300I/II/III 22500*2000*300I/II/III 33000*2000*300I/II/III 43500*2000*300I/II/III 54000*2000*300I/II/III 64500*2000*300I/II/III 75000*2000*300I/II/III 85500*2000*300I/II/III 96000*2000*300II/III 106500*2000*300II/III 117000*2000*300II/III 128000*2000*300II/III Other sizes are availabe, pls. quote.