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Cast Iron Surface Plates -


Jinggong provided the surface plates are stored and supported correctly, subsequent distortion of the plate surface is eliminated due to the various finishing stages. The surface of the plate can be finished to DIN 876 / III, II or I. The plate surface can be marked with a precise grid pattern of lines, or machined T slots to DIN 650 on request. Standard sizes: No.Sizes (mm)Surface accuracy (according to DIN876) 12000*2000*300I/II/III 22500*2000*300I/II/III 33000*2000*300I/II/III 43500*2000*300I/II/III 54000*2000*300I/II/III 64500*2000*300I/II/III 75000*2000*300I/II/III 85500*2000*300I/II/III 96000*2000*300II/III 106500*2000*300II/III 117000*2000*300II/III 128000*2000*300II/III Other sizes are available, pls. quote.